About Baorui

Professional production of automotive stamping parts of the modern enterprises

Company Profile
Corporate Culture
Cultural concept
Since the beginning of the venture, Baorui people always unswervingly adhere to their own beliefs, quietly, and in the development of continuous precipitation and heritage ... ...
Corporate mission: to provide safer, more comfortable, greener technology and products for people using cars
Enterprise vision: to customers, employees, society, shareholders, partners satisfied
Enterprise Division training: constantly climbing, great hope
Business criteria: passion, rigor, unity, learning, frugality, norms, integrity, respect
Policy concept
Quality policy: become the best ...
Quality objectives: factory products per million parts defect number (PPM) is not greater than 25
                                   Product delivery rate 100%
                                   After-sales service timing rate of 100%
Environmental policy: to comply with laws and regulations, energy saving, pollution prevention and control, continuous improvement
Talent concept: people-oriented, Zhirenshan Ren, love only education, meritorious only
operating hours

Monday to Sunday

8:00 - 18:00

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